3 Ways To Review Your Year – Part II

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Last week we looked at how to review your year using a quick and easy Wheel of Life or Balance Wheel. This is where you take the key areas of your life and measure your satisfaction in each area as you wrap up your year. I recommended you pick two areas to focus on for […]

Organizing Memorable Experiences For Your Network Marketing Team

So you have a business and you have started to build a team. How do you motivate your team members but not manage them? In my experience, having a motivated network marketing team is all about creating ongoing memorable experiences. As Maya Angelo said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you […]

Ways to Celebrate Your Success and Your Team’s Success

Let’s take a few minutes to celebrate some of the things you have done in your business. As  a general rule, I don’t believe we celebrate enough. Let’s celebrate together. Please take 2-3 minutes and jot down on a piece of paper the things you have done this week. It is Thursday, you have had […]

Celebrate and Be Grateful!

Tis the season to celebrate all we have, all we are and all those who are in our lives. There is so much to be grateful for! One of the things I always encourage people in my life to do is to take a time to “celebrate”. We recently took inventory of all we did […]

Choosing a Network Marketing Opportunity That Fits You

Being your own boss and supplementing your income sounds nice. Doesn’t it? But how do you go about finding a network marketing business that suits you and your skill set? Here are a few tips on how to be successful in this field. 1) Choose Wisely. Make sure the company you’re considering partnering with is […]

Breathe In, Smell…Love

As much as thankfulness is in the air during November, and splurging is in the air in December – you can guess what month we are in by the smell of the air…. (big deep breath in) …. ah, Love! That means we are already one month into 2016, February. This month that we are “supposed to be” […]

Extending the life of a greeting card

  Many people love greeting cards because they are physical reminders of thoughtfulness. A simple piece of card stock can tell someone you love them, you wish them well and that you are thinking of them. It’s really amazing what a card can do. But for most people, keeping cards may not always be practical, […]

Sharing in Success

          Have you ever seen success that deserved to be shared with a full team and only one or two people get the pat on the back? This seems so overly normal, that sometimes I bet it doesn’t even come across as wrong to us anymore. I’ve recently been planning a […]

Celebration in 10

          Do you know why celebrating your wins is important? Well I will give you ten reasons really quick… Celebrating is important because it reminds you of the goal and why you set it it fuels the energy for your next goal it reminds you that focused goal setting works it […]

Small Celebrations Can Produce BIG Results

Today, lets talk about how celebrating both large and small goals can shoot you into your dream life. How you say? You’ll see. Everyone knows the importance of celebrating big goals and life changing events. We throw graduation parties, wedding receptions and bar mitzvahs. We buy cakes, plastic cups and themed napkins. We bring gifts, […]