Breathe In, Smell…Love

As much as thankfulness is in the air during November, and splurging is in the air in December – you can guess what month we are in by the smell of the air…. (big deep breath in) …. ah, Love! That means we are already one month into 2016, February. This month that we are “supposed to be” […]

Courage Takes Fear – Part 2

Continuing off last week … “Courage Takes Fear”. I ended by asking you to think of something that you are currently fearing. I’m curious how that has still affected you – has it changed? got worse? got better? Were you allowing yourself to be courageous while feeling the fear?  Did you step out in courage […]

Courage to Fear

I was thinking recently in conjunction with one of the weekly calls that I participate with, what does it take to make a leap of faith? To step out? To jump in the cold icy waters of the unknown? Well of course it takes courage. It takes bravery to make action. And if you are […]