Your Ideal Client

We have all experienced the “client from hell” but have you experienced your ideal client? The difficult client that is never satisfied regardless of how much extra you do for them; the one who complains incessantly and leaves you feeling inadequate, incompetent, and exhausted. It’s important to recognize you choose to work with clients from […]

Steps to Review and Plan Your Next Successful Year

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Reviewing your year is key to setting your intention for an amazing new year. The last two weeks I have given you a few ideas of how you might go about this. This week, I’ll give you my third and most complex of the three types of review. This will take you a few hours […]

Finish This Sentence

Today is the day I… Now, go do that thing. Now. Seriously, now! If you are still here…. is it because you can’t? won’t? or don’t actually want to? Give yourself a minute, maybe two to think about that. It is ok to set a timer, don’t get too wrapped up in it, but give yourself […]

A “Perfect” Day in the Life of…

A few years back I was asked to write out a “picture perfect” day. Hour by Hour. What would my schedule be like in my own fantasy world? What things and people would I allow fill my time?   What would I do? Or more importantly what would I no longer do? … (day dreaming) […]

What do you see yourself doing in your happiest compelling vision?

This year, I attended some events with some other people who I consider to be leaders in their industry. These people are dreamers, doers and have a huge compelling visions. The fact is, they inspire me to be, have and do more. So let’s talk about that. If you were to break down your happiest compelling […]