Refresh and Revitalize

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It is amazing what happens in your life and your business when you take a day or two to relax, refresh and revitalize. Most people go away for one of three reasons: to gain better physical mental  improved spiritual state Natural environments like mountains, oceans, hot springs, crystal waters and quiet pool and lush foliage […]

Organizing Memorable Experiences For Your Network Marketing Team

So you have a business and you have started to build a team. How do you motivate your team members but not manage them? In my experience, having a motivated network marketing team is all about creating ongoing memorable experiences. As Maya Angelo said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you […]

Tis The Season

As we enter into the week of Christmas and wrap up Hanukkah, I wanted to wish you all a week of quality time with your loved ones. May you enjoy the precious time you have with them and know I am grateful for you. Next week, we’ll talk about accountability.           […]

Here’s Some Viral Inspiration

The latest viral video can be more than just a good laugh or share. It can be the inspiration you need to keep pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Here are a few that may inspire you. The American Ninja T-Rex. American Ninja is a popular reality television obstacle course for the insanely fit. One contestant did […]

Rock Networking On Vacation

There’s always an opportunity to meet new people – especially while on vacation. Whether it’s sitting next to someone on an airplane or waiting in a never-ending line, use the time to strike up a conversation. It can’t hurt your network marketing skills, plus, if they’re interested, you’ve got a new client. The super nice […]

Breathe In, Smell…Love

As much as thankfulness is in the air during November, and splurging is in the air in December – you can guess what month we are in by the smell of the air…. (big deep breath in) …. ah, Love! That means we are already one month into 2016, February. This month that we are “supposed to be” […]

Have Fun In Your Business

One of the best things for me about the business I have from home is that I have FUN with this business. I have fun with the product! I have fun with talking to people about it! I have fun making an income this way! Sure beats dressing up and going to an office each […]