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Your Ideal Client

We have all experienced the “client from hell” but have you experienced your ideal client? The difficult client that is never satisfied regardless of how much extra you do for them; the one who complains incessantly and leaves you feeling inadequate, incompetent, and exhausted. It’s important to recognize you choose to work with clients from […]

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Clarity Is Power

It’s difficult to read through scratched lenses.  You can’t see the stars through a cloudy telescope.   You can’t achieve your goals without clarity. Most people believe clarity comes from defining your goals and it starts there; however, true clarity comes when you articulate your purpose for achieving your goals. Have you ever gone to […]

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How Do You Set Your MLM Priorities?

There is so much to do when building a network marketing business. You must source your own leads to talk to, build relationships, present, answer questions, follow up with people, enroll people, train others, build your team, show up to training/conferences, professional development not to mention maintaining really good self-care so you don’t burn out. […]

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