How To Talk To the Four Personality Styles

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There are a handful of really good personality style assessments out there and since I do not know which system you subscribe to or believe in, I will be talking about general personality types. We’ll call the four personality types:  Action Takers, Analyticals, People People and the Givers for conversational purposes. Action Takers These people […]

3 Most important Steps in Managing Your Team

Whether you are new to network marketing or are a seasoned builder, there are usually a few things most people could do better in building and managing their teams. Let me start with this question. Is the thought of managing a team keeping you from building one? Here are some excellent ideas, from one of […]

What is Your True Business Nature? Artist? Manager? Or Entrepreneur?

Do you sometimes sit back in your chair and throw your hands in the air saying: “How Can I Do This?”  You hit a choke hold in your business, an obstacle. Did you know this can stem from your personality type? I recently attended the Anthony Robbins Business Mastery Program. A great eye opener.  One […]