How Do You Set Your MLM Priorities?

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There is so much to do when building a network marketing business. You must source your own leads to talk to, build relationships, present, answer questions, follow up with people, enroll people, train others, build your team, show up to training/conferences, professional development not to mention maintaining really good self-care so you don’t burn out. […]

Organization: The Structure Of Your Network Marketing Team

When you look at Corporate America it is pretty clear on how the organization is structured. A Corporate Organization: The President has Vice Presidents who have Directors. Directors have Managers and Managers have employees. So then when we look at network marketing, how does the organizational structure work there? Generally there is a corporate office […]

CRM: Success and Follow Up

CRM, Basloe Group

You have heard it before, “Success is in the follow-up.” Does this include a CRM? When you think of your follow up and your customer relationship management system (CRM), how would you rate it on a scale of 1 – 10? 10 being awesome and you have a system dialed in and 1 being you […]

Recruit Up in Network Marketing!

So, you have started a networking marketing career. Now what? As with all business, you need to expand!! It is tempting to recruit people that look like they “need” the opportunity. Is this strategy really going to expand your business? Think about this: you are at a gas station pumping gas into your vehicle. Person […]