How Do You Set Your MLM Priorities?

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There is so much to do when building a network marketing business. You must source your own leads to talk to, build relationships, present, answer questions, follow up with people, enroll people, train others, build your team, show up to training/conferences, professional development not to mention maintaining really good self-care so you don’t burn out. […]

Organizing Memorable Experiences For Your Network Marketing Team

So you have a business and you have started to build a team. How do you motivate your team members but not manage them? In my experience, having a motivated network marketing team is all about creating ongoing memorable experiences. As Maya Angelo said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you […]

3 Most important Steps in Managing Your Team

Whether you are new to network marketing or are a seasoned builder, there are usually a few things most people could do better in building and managing their teams. Let me start with this question. Is the thought of managing a team keeping you from building one? Here are some excellent ideas, from one of […]

Organization: The Structure Of Your Network Marketing Team

When you look at Corporate America it is pretty clear on how the organization is structured. A Corporate Organization: The President has Vice Presidents who have Directors. Directors have Managers and Managers have employees. So then when we look at network marketing, how does the organizational structure work there? Generally there is a corporate office […]

Time Block For Success and Mastery

Five months have passed since I chatting about putting in your 10,000 hours towards success. In case you missed it or need a refresher, on March 20, 2017 I blogged about Malcolm Gladwell’s idea about anyone can master anything in 10,000 hours. So the question at hand is what have you done towards your plan […]

Have A System For Your Personal and Team’s Most Important Actions

Life is busy. I am sure no one will disagree with this. In this busy life you have to have system in place for identifying which actions to do first. Then once you have mastered the process, you should teach the teams you lead how to do these things as well.         […]

What to Measure for Business Success

Last week I asked if you were serious about your business and talked to you about setting SMART goals. This week I am going to talk to you about measuring.                               Let’s look at your business like a cake recipe. You […]

Accountable to Achieve Your Goals

This is it, the last blog of 2016 with only a few days left of the year. This is the week that everyone is throwing around the word – resolutions. I am going to encourage you to be resolved in your goals and dreams and to put an accountability plan in place starting on Monday, […]

What Are Your Musts To Achieve and Why?

Let’s talk about your “must haves” and “your wants”. They are very different. As you look at your life and your goals, what are the things that are unquestionable? Meaning they HAVE TO be in your life, you HAVE TO get them done and they are NOT negotiable. On the other hand consider your wants. […]

The Email Inbox

Have you ever been burdened by too many emails? I think every person reading this can relate! Studies have shown that checking email outside of traditional work hours makes one exhausted emotionally. Living in a technology-driven world, email is easy to send off at any time of day, especially when you remember your forgot one […]