Help Your Team Discover Their Why

Help! The number one question I get… …when I help leaders build their direct sales and network marketing teams is “How can I help my team more?” Normally it is not a matter of technical skill that needs to be taught. That might surprise you, as the number one question your team is asking you is […]

Tis The Season

As we enter into the week of Christmas and wrap up Hanukkah, I wanted to wish you all a week of quality time with your loved ones. May you enjoy the precious time you have with them and know I am grateful for you. Next week, we’ll talk about accountability.           […]

Create History With Cards

Personal documents like letters and journals have long been valued for the insights they provide. Personal letters include valuable information that might not be found in official historical documents. For instance, they can do a better job of showing the emotional impact of certain events. Many letters have been placed in museums and published in […]

Someday Calls versus Anticipated Follow Ups

              Ready for me to get real honest with you right now??? …. Sometimes, I have difficulty picking up the phone to make business calls. Ugh, right, I know – I feel like this, this far into my business and with the fabulous relationships I have been able to […]

Increase Your Happiness From The Inside Out

Did you know the brain is an amazing thing? I love watching movies that play with the ideas of how to adjust the power in the brain, changing the paths of brain waves or opening it up for greater efficiency, and sometimes the outcome is more than they were expecting! It it fun to sit […]

Attraction and the Law of It (pt2)

So how did the last week go for you? We were practicing the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Wanna play along – check out last week’s blog posting here. I hope you found some surprise in your experiences. 🙂 And I hope you keep playing! Because the more I do this, the more I find it working […]

Sharing in Success

          Have you ever seen success that deserved to be shared with a full team and only one or two people get the pat on the back? This seems so overly normal, that sometimes I bet it doesn’t even come across as wrong to us anymore. I’ve recently been planning a […]

“Thing” Tracking

In our last post we talked about making some uncomfortable commitments and how that working on our “thing” (the biggest thing that is holding us back in our business) can provide business benefits. If you haven’t read it, check it out here! Because today we are talking about how to make the tasks involving our “thing” […]


This weekend is the Anthony Robbins training/seminar called Unleash the Power Within.  At the end of the first day there is the Fire Walk. Walking on very hot coals barefoot. The staff of volunteers does an amazing job making this experience truly a gift to the growth of everyone attending. The walk across coals repre sents […]

Own Your Own Power

I am Powerful and Effective and People Enjoy Hearing What I Have To Say! Do you see yourself as a: Powerful business owner? Powerful marketer? Powerful Network marketer? Measure your own Personal Power on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most powerful and 1 not at all.  When you know where you are […]