Set Your Goals for 1st Quarter 2018

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It is a new beginning. Have you set your goals? You have a new year in front of you, ok, well most of it. As we are days into the year, I am wondering if you have thought about your 1st quarter goals yet? When asked to goal set, most people can rattle off their […]

Have A Solid Plan for Quick Success

No matter how long you have been in the direct sales, network marketing|MLM industry, let’s all take a second to remember what it was like when you first came in. What you want most is success! You were trying to: Figure out who all everyone is – upline, cross line, corporate staff, etc. You mentally […]

Foundation of Your Why – Values Clarification

In looking at the foundation of this question “Where oh where do I start in determining what is most important to me when determining my why?”, begin with intention. Intentions address the following questions: Why are we doing what we are doing? What do we hope to achieve? What purpose are we fulfilling? A clear intention […]

Accountable to Achieve Your Goals

This is it, the last blog of 2016 with only a few days left of the year. This is the week that everyone is throwing around the word – resolutions. I am going to encourage you to be resolved in your goals and dreams and to put an accountability plan in place starting on Monday, […]

Celebrate and Be Grateful!

Tis the season to celebrate all we have, all we are and all those who are in our lives. There is so much to be grateful for! One of the things I always encourage people in my life to do is to take a time to “celebrate”. We recently took inventory of all we did […]

2016 Progress and 2017 Plan

Take a moment today to chart out what your progress has been thus far in 2016. Please keep going if you are striving for or working on a goal. However, charting out your wins or successes allows you to hit the ground running to create a plan for 2017 that will continue your journey of […]

What’s your Why? Mission, benefits, purpose.

So this is the week that most people think about all they are grateful for. It is the season to reflect on what worked, went well and what did not. If I were to ask you, “What is your why?”, would you be able to quickly and succinctly respond? Most people can not. If you […]

7 Tips on How To Live in Appreciation vs. Expectation

You know the feeling! The one where you hope, dream and cross your fingers for that special something to come true now or in the near future. It is called expectation. You can have expectation for yourself or for others. Perhaps you know someone that was trying to achieve something significant. The excitement around expectation […]

A “Perfect” Day in the Life of…

A few years back I was asked to write out a “picture perfect” day. Hour by Hour. What would my schedule be like in my own fantasy world? What things and people would I allow fill my time?   What would I do? Or more importantly what would I no longer do? … (day dreaming) […]