There is so much to do when building a network marketing business. You must source your own leads to talk to, build relationships, present, answer questions, follow up with people, enroll people, train others, build your team, show up to training/conferences, professional development not to mention maintaining really good self-care so you don’t burn out.

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I am exhausted from just writing that list!

So how do you prioritize and set your Network Marketing priorities.

The number one thing I believe you should do is take the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of what you are gifted at and what things you need to improve.

Why is this my number one thing to do? The reason is that the things you are gifted at, will come easy to you and you will do naturally. Those are the areas you should focus on most. However, at the same time not letting the areas of improvement go by the wayside. Perhaps you can recruit other people who are better in your areas that need growth so you can collaborate and leverage each other’s talents and strengths?

One of the things I do when coaching network marketers is to encourage and strategize to do work that is going to create a long-term habit versus a burst of wild-n-crazy activity that you can not repeat day-after-day.

So instead of calling 30 people every day, perhaps you call 10 and you do that every single day. This allows you time to follow up with the people that you talked to on prior days.

If you can’t call 30 new people everyday and follow up with the former people you talked to, you need to scale down to the consistent effort you can do as a way of life.

Keeping a daily checklist (if you need one let me know) of your activities so you can see how your consistency over time impacts your accomplishments will help you set priorities and celebrate all the calls and actions that you executed. . Another tool I use with clients is the Staples Red  “EASY” button. After every one of those calls, press the EASY button. Adds to your celebration!

Assess your priorities based on what you can do best and then go do it.

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Much Success!


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