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"I appreciate the physical and financial freedom that I have found and know that you will also. My journey has taken me from building a successful marketing agency with my twin brother (family business!) to helping others build successful businesses world wide. The satisfaction I receive from helping others achieve their goals both financially and personally is enormous.

"My organization is experiencing significant growth. Now my husband and I are making the money we wanted to fulfill our dream of traveling around the world. Our strategy, seeing the world one country at a time. Our first focus, Central America and next South America with a side trip to Turkey. As we travel we share our opportunity wherever we are. We now have business partners in foreign countries!"

Sara Basloe
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Sara’s work focuses on helping individuals and business owners achieve their goals and enjoy life, while feeling fulfilled, increasing their bottom line, work fewer hours, and celebrate their successes.
As a nationally known Individual and Business Growth Strategist, Sara’s expertise comes from merging her personal growth work with business experience – 25 years as a marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in both wholesale and retail marketing and business to business development. She has motivated and worked with individuals and led successful teams, achieving bottom line goals. She has created, implemented and monitored personal growth programs and in business cost effective programs in all phases of product development, marketing and sales.
Sara mentors individuals and Business Builders internationally via phone and internet. She uses a tailored support system, not a “one-size fits all” plan. Mentors first complete a Mentor Questionnaire and in-depth profile assessment. Sara’s style is focused helping you cut through the fluff and the objectives. She is professional, objective, resourceful, organized and analytical. Sara works for the Worlds #1 LIFE & BUSINESS COACH where she utilizes daily the skills to help YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!