Entrepreneurs and Small Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs are artists who work in the medium of daily business and life.

I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to find steady success and to enjoy that success.
“Success without fulfillment is failure” Anthony Robbins

In this busy life, we forget what we value and become lost in the urgencies of daily life. As your coach, I will assist you to remember what you value and what you are building. Excitement is essential to success in any project. In coaching, once you get in touch with what is exciting for you, you’re on your way to making it happen.

In order to have radical success, one must be playful. Let’s play together at making your work and life the amazing success you demand that it be.

Small Business Coaching — for those in any of the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Owners or Managers of small companies.
  • Start-up companies (actual or planned).
  • Professionals in private practice.
  • People who run a business from their home.
  • Executives thinking of leaving companies and launching a business.
I specialize in helping small businesses become more profitable, customer service oriented and employee friendly. I will do an initial assessment to determine recommended strategies and then will propose an appropriate series of interventions. This can look like any combination of the following: a visioning and strategic planning retreat for top leadership, team performance coaching with a particular team, training in coaching and communication skills for managers, executive coaching for the company owner or top leadership personnel, coaching for improved performance with specific personnel or training in conflict resolution.