Whether you are new to network marketing or are a seasoned builder, there are usually a few things most people could do better in building and managing their teams.

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Let me start with this question. Is the thought of managing a team keeping you from building one? Here are some excellent ideas, from one of my mentors, on how to manage your team.

  1. Don’t manage your people
  2. Don’t manage your team
  3. Let your team manage themselves

So how is this really possible to not manage your team? You are probably thinking I don’t know your business but the fact is these tips came from an industry leader and a #1 Income Earner in his company.

Let’s deal with first things first, when you work, be focused. Let work be work and nonwork time be non-work time. How many of you get distracted when working? It is easy to do. Time blocking is an essential skill to master when building a business like ours.

I am always asked how everyone is supposed to know what to do when they get started if you don’t manage your people. Your job is not to manage people but merely to get them started and trained. People who join our teams are independent distributors and there are not enough hours in the day to manage them all.

This is what your job is in the industry.

From here all other calls are social or a periodic coaching call. You are looking for the ones that will build this without you. What I see is that so many people try to manage and grow but in reality managing limits your growth. Your job is to work with the next new person.

Keep sponsoring. Yes you heard me right, keep sponsoring. It is not that you are leaving people behind, in fact, you are sorting out builders from joiners. You are seeking people who will build with or without you.

True wealth which includes both time and money freedom comes from when you find several key legs that will do it without you. What this does for you is allow you the time and freedom to focus on your job as outlined above.

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  1. Thank you Sara & Michele for those words they were very inspiring. I will keep in mind and apply them on my journey to becoming a leader.

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