In December of every year, I recommend that you schedule some quiet time to review how the year went. There are a few thoughts on how you can do this. What is most important in this process is to review why it is important to look back at how you spent your time and what you accomplished.

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One way I help my clients dive into this review and how they feel about it, is to do a free writing session. This is where you take 5-20 minutes and free write. Start the free writing with this sentence, “It is important for me to look back at my year because…” then you start writing until your timer goes off. Write anything that comes to mind.

Once you have this down and you know ‘why’ you are looking at your year, you are ready to go. I’ll give you three options over the next three weeks on the Annual Review process starting with the first one today.

You may have heard about the Wheel of Life or the Balance Wheel.

This is where you can take a quick view at the main areas of your life and quickly measure where you are in each area.

You can Google Wheel of Life or Balance Wheel if you’d like to find an actual picture or you can also draw it by placing a circle on a piece of paper and drawing 4 lines through it, creating 8 pie pieces.

Some of the areas you might want to measure or look at are:

  1. Health and wellness
  2. Money
  3. Profession/Career
  4. Spirituality
  5. Creativity/Fun, and Recreation
  6. Relationships (friends and family)
  7. Contribution
  8. Environment

For each area on the wheel, you’ll put a line at the level you think you are at right now. 0 is the center of the wheel and 10 is the outside of the circle. Make a line for each section. If you so desire, color in the wheel from the 0 point to the line. This will quickly help you see in what areas you are rocking in and in what areas you can put some attention and focus on in the new year.

I recommend you focus on improving your lowest two areas with some goal setting and attention.

Next week I’ll show you a digital way to review your year.

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