Who and Where Are Your Prospects

People who might be right for your opportunity are everywhere, but contrary to what you may have heard, not everyone is right for your opportunity. If you go into the game knowing that there are many reasons why not everyone will be interested you business;, you’ll save yourself a lot of grief and it will […]

Surprise in Who You Just Might Meet

I have the opportunity to do some traveling again. Truth be known, traveling is a passionate hobby for me. I started gathering my things together that I want to take to make sure I have some of my company brochures, definitely more then enough business cards, and several magazines about the company.   I will test […]

Referral Marketing: A Proven Winner

I recently had the opportunity to spend some family time in Seattle. It was an outstanding time to share memorable moments with my family.  And, because I love the mission of my network marketing company, I made it a priority to include a visit to a BNI meeting in Seattle to keep up the momentum […]