How Do You Set Your MLM Priorities?

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There is so much to do when building a network marketing business. You must source your own leads to talk to, build relationships, present, answer questions, follow up with people, enroll people, train others, build your team, show up to training/conferences, professional development not to mention maintaining really good self-care so you don’t burn out. […]

Dos and Don’ts of Facebook for Marketing for Network Marketers

Everyone is on Facebook these days. It’s a useful tool for reaching a large audience and your target customer. But knowing how to break through all the clutter in the news feed is key to utilizing it for your business. Be sure to use a recognizable profile pictures. It’s important for your clients to recognize […]


Here is the thing, I love networking. Why? Because I find people fascinating and love to hear their stories. The problem that I have found is that the busier I am the less time I seem to have. I was missing live networking meetings and felt I needed to find a solution for this.   I […]

Building Relationships Online With Message Forums and Social Media

Is it truly possible to meet people, share a business concept and sponsor others into your business without meeting face-to-face? Can we really build strong relationships and partnerships using the internet? The answer is absolutely yes.   To be most effective in your approach, define your parameters in each of these areas: What is your […]