Level of Play – Are you a Gold, Silver or Bronze Player?

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When it comes to winning, the first step is you must decide. Once you have made a commitment to win, you now get to decide what level of results you want:  bronze, silver or gold!

Everyone has the same access to success and resources. Yet some will get more from their efforts than others.

The chart below illustrates how Bronze, Silver, and Gold professionals engage in life.

What is your current level?

What do you need to do to raise your standards?

A compelling vision, backed by consistent focus, emotional intensity, and massive action gives you the opportunity to create the life of your dreams. In essence, you win!





Compelling Vision

Change is a MUST.

Not fully committed to doing everything it takes.

Only talks about change and not taking steps.

State Management

Consistently generates empowering States.

Occasionally accesses empowering States but doesn’t live there consistently. 

Acknowledges importance of State but not proactively generating empowering States.


Has created powerful incantations and uses them daily.

Only uses incantations in challenging situations.

Hasn’t created powerful incantations; is unaware of how often disempowering incantations are used.

Time Management

Has a Life Plan and sets quarterly outcomes that are reviewed monthly.

Plans only selected goals and projects.

Is more reactive than proactive with time management.

Makes On-Going Self-Development a Priority

Listens to developmental or inspirational CDs least 30 minutes a day.

Is inconsistent with their approach to self-development.

Does not include audio programs as part of their growth plan.

Live Events or Seminars

Is scheduled to attend a live event or seminar at least one time every year.

Is interested in attending a live event or seminar, but has not yet committed.

Never attends live events or seminars.

Preparation for Coaching Calls

Comes to each coaching call with a solid outcome and in a coachable state.

Has only a vague outcome of what they want to get out of a coaching call.

Schedules coaching call inconsistently and does not come to the call with a clear outcome.

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