How often do you hear yourself saying, “I don’t have time”?  In our fast-paced instant response society it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel like there is more to do than fits in a day.

The truth is we all have the same amount of time; the question is how effective are you with the time you have? 

Your activities fall into the following 4 quadrants:

Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Time Management Matrix

Rate yourself, what percentage of time do you spend in each of these areas?

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The goal is to spend the most amount of time in Quadrant II (Not Urgent/Important).  To accomplish this goal you must be crystal clear about your priorities for the day, week, month, and year.  When you aren’t clear about our priorities, two things happen: everything becomes a priority leading to overwhelm, or someone else creates priorities for you. 

Remember, it’s never a matter of time; it’s always a matter of focus.  You will be amazed by how much more effective you will be when you take control of where you invest your time.

What will you do with your time today?

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Much Success!

Have an outstanding day!!



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