With technology changing, it is a good question to ask in today’s world. Do I leave a voicemail or not leave a voicemail?

As I think of my phone, I’ll be honest, I prefer voicemail over any other form of being reached. Call me old school but I like to hear the inflection and tone of that person’s voice. For me, it seems to help me build a relationship.

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However, I know there are many people who seem to respond to texts and social media messages more readily than voicemail.


So how do you know whether it is a good idea to leave a voicemail or not? I think it really comes down to personal preference. In most sales type positions, they teach a concept called mirroring. Take note of this. If someone is texting you, they probably prefer text. If someone emails you, respond back in that way. If you get a voicemail, that is a good indication that the caller is on the phone, so try to reach them and if you miss them, leave a voicemail but tell them some good times for them to  reach you back.


You can certainly build relationships quickly when you use voicemail. People feel like they know you more than if you are to text them. It shows you took time and effort to get the courage up to call or call back.  

You want to use all the communication tools available to you including the phone, social media, email marketing, hard copy, videos, etc.

Have you ever heard someone say, “If it is important, they’ll leave a message?” Well that is still true today. If you call someone, leave a message if you miss them. Calling and not leaving a message just makes the recipient of your call wonder what it was about. If you don’t tell them, they are most likely not going to even think about your call again.

Let’s face it, people are busier than ever before. Don’t be offended if you don’t get them initially. One of my key sales reps won an account because the client told her she was persistent in calling and being so nice about taking no for an answer or just not hearing back.

Always be transparent as to why you are calling. Tell them what you want. If they call back, it is usually a sign that it is something they want to talk about.

Here is an interesting thing you can do on a voicemail. Tell them that you’ll follow up with an email or you’ll send over some time options for them to see if you can connect. If you leave that voicemail, make sure you send that follow up email or time frames immediately so you don’t forget.  Doing this following up is important because it starts to help them trust that you will do what you say you will do.


Voicemail is great because the client will hear your name. The client you are trying to reach may listen to it multiple times before calling you back. This just helps you in the long run, as the more they hear your name, the more likely they will say yes or buy from you.

I am a fan of voicemail, even in a technology geared world.


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