You ask, “What is life counterbalance?”

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What happens when one of the tires on your car is completely flat?  Are you able to move? No, and if you try, it will be an extremely bumpy ride.  What happens when one of your tires is low on air? Can you travel as fast? No, and if you try, your chances of veering off the road are high.  It’s the same when one area of your life is flat or deflated. 


Often people come to coaching looking to focus on a specific category of life; for example, they choose business with little or no regard for the other categories such as physical, spiritual, family, etc.  Unless all the areas of your life are balanced,* your overall pace will be slowed and you increase your chances of going off track.


Take a moment to complete this Wheel of Life

Rate your current satisfaction in each area and indicate your score by drawing a line across that category triangle.   Look at your wheel and consider the following: 

It’s important to recognize the idea of life balance is more accurately describe by the art of counterbalance. It is extremely difficult to remain balanced in all areas of life at all times.  The Wheel of Life allows you to frequently monitor and measure your levels to ensure you aren’t heavily focused on one category while ignoring others.

You may not be able to completely avoid a bumpy road, but you can create a smoother ride by frequently monitoring your wheel of life and filling up in the areas where you are running low. 

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