Every twenty years a new generation enters the workforce. 

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The Millennials were born between 1980 and 2000, and are characterized as tech savvy, multitaskers who are intellectually curious, confident, and socially conscious.  However, Millennials are also viewed as lazy, entitled, selfish, and shallow. Millennials are providing unique challenges to today’s managers. Listed below are a few tips for successfully working with the Millennials generation.

 The latest generation to enter the workplace is creating both challenges and opportunities for organizations as they learn to adapt to a new way of working.  As “digital natives,” Millennials are inspiring managers to learn how to lead as coaches and mentors. Millennials want to feel valued, engaged in interesting work, expect frequent affirming feedback, and have opportunities to grow.  Aren’t these expectations the same from all employees, regardless of their generation?

Perhaps now that the Millennials are here, the work environment will improve for everyone.

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