Mastering Fear

Is mastering fear possible?

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When it comes to mastering fear this advice might be helpful for you:

“Excessive fear and self-doubt are the greatest detractors of personal genius.”  – Robert Kiyosaki


The Dictionary defines fear as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil or pain whether the threat is real or imagined,” and is often referred to as “False Evidence Appearing Real.”  How much of your “threat” is imagined?

Fear itself isn’t the issue, the issue occurs when you allow fear to hold you back. 

So how can you master fear to achieve our outcomes?

  • Listen to your fear.  Fear lets you know the current situation is “unfamiliar” and causes you to pause for further inquiry.  If you use fear as an advisor, it allows you to ask yourselves intelligent questions to determine how to proceed.
  • Inquire about the truth around your fear.   Is this fear true?  Could this feeling of fear mean anything else?  If the fear weren’t true, what could you believe?  What new opportunity is available to you with this new belief?
  •  Make a decision that moves you forward.  You may decide not to move forward on your initial idea and yet progress is vital to fulfillment.  What action can you take to feel comfortable moving forward? Not everyone can expect to go from where they are now to their ideal.  Mastering fear allows you to think through the situation, chunk your ideas into manageable pieces and make a plan that has you moving forward comfortably.

Consider the following areas of life where most people are fearful; apply the process outlined above to help you work through your fears in these areas:

  1. Intimate Relationship,
  2. Career,
  3. Parenting,
  4. Public Speaking,
  5. Failure,
  6. Success

Notice how you feel during the process.  Does the intensity of your fear change? Remember the goal is not to be without fear, but instead to put fear in perspective and develop a plan to move forward.

You can’t know courage without knowing fear; mastering fear by using it as your guide.

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