We started the conversation about setting the right goals for yourself earlier this month.

Now that we are at 1/2 time in the year,  let’s look at how you are doing when you don’t meet your goals and how to stay on track. 
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Are You Learning from Failure?

Many times when setting goals and schedules, instead of learning from failure, people give up. Once you set your strategy, schedule your actions and implement your schedule to reach the goals, notice if there are things you’ve forgotten to take into account, actions that take longer then you thought, interruptions from other clients or colleagues. Don’t give up if you feel negative emotions.  Learn from the failure and change the schedule to be more realistic.
You might find that in practice you have to rewrite all your goals and your schedule, but this should be anticipated, that as you move through a strategy you learn more about exactly what is required. Many people believe failure is something negative, but the truth is, if you don’t fail some of the time, you’re not going to learn what is needed and it’s likely your goals are too easy, and you are living in your comfort zone.

Do Your Goals Represent Your Needs and Wants or Someone Else’s?

A lot of people set goals that represent what someone else wants instead of what they want. This can really cause a lot of bad feelings and resentment which can derail the best laid plans. As you set your goals for your life, ask yourself if they’re really what you want for yourself or what someone else wants for you. Ask yourself if you’re okay with any goal that you make to satisfy someone else before you embark on your journey.
It’s okay to do things because of someone else, but it ís important that you are honest about your motive and your why.  Make some goals for yourself too, that don’t involve anyone else’s needs or wants.

Are You Checking in Often to Stay on Track?

Schedules are very important to the success of reaching any goal in life. To do lists pale in comparison to a well laid out calendar of tasks and activities that are targeted to get you from point A to point B. Ensure that you look at your schedule every morning and every night and note when you succeed on sticking to your schedule and where you don’t. Noticing a pattern of activity can be helpful in fixing a poorly thought out or laid out schedule so that you are setting realistic time slots. This will help you stick to your plan and feel like you are achieving success even if you have to veer off the plan.
It is very much like the story of steering a boat. If you want to know what that story is, well, just let me know!!!

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