Five months have passed since I chatting about putting in your 10,000 hours towards success.

In case you missed it or need a refresher, on March 20, 2017 I blogged about Malcolm Gladwell’s idea about anyone can master anything in 10,000 hours.

So the question at hand is what have you done towards your plan of mastery in the last five months?

In that blog, I talked about two concepts you may or may not have implemented.

  1. Calendaring – schedule appointments with yourself to do the work of mastery
  2. Do things in small increments – this way you don’t get overwhelmed and your create consistency


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So far today I have talked about you and your habits but I’d like to stretch your mind a little bit (regardless of what you have done thus far in your mastery journey). Let’s talk about your team.

What if you were to teach this concept to your team. Teach those you sponsor to schedule the most important actions into their day using a calendaring system and doing the things you suggest in their plan to be better.

The greatest thing about this is when you teach the concept, you usually do it too.

Afterall, who wants to follow a leader that their words and actions are incongruent. The quickest way to master then is to duplicate your efforts. Do it and teach it. When teaching it you are getting value from your efforts and from the efforts of those you teach. That is called duplication and leverage.

Both of those are key concepts that are taught in the industry. What if you could just get your teammates to dial into the company calls weekly? That in itself would have a huge impact on your money making ability for years to come.

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Much Success!
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