How do you start your day? With Armor?

When you start your day energized, it creates a momentum that flows throughout the day.  When you start your day emotionally exhausted, you barely have enough energy to make it through the day.  How you begin the day determines the course of your day; therefore, it’s important to kick-start it in an empowering way. 

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Put on your daily armor. 

A knight wouldn’t head into battle without protection, why do we head into our day without proper defense? 

I’m not a morning person; I don’t have the time; or the kids are up early are just a few of the excuses used for not properly preparing for the day ahead.  Imagine the time and effort it took to put on the heavy armor because a knight’s options were suit-up or most certain death.  Clearly the discomfort and inconvenience of putting on the armor was less than the pain of a lance penetrating your unprotected body. 

 Most of us don’t face potential physical harm each day so it’s easy to overlook the need for protective armor.  However, the cost of doing so is the potential death of our spirit, the chipping away at our passion, and high price of low energy.  Knowing you could safeguarded yourself by committing 30 minutes each day to putting on your daily armor, wouldn’t you?

Here are some simple daily armor practices:








Spiritual Focus

Goals Review

Create Daily Purpose

 “How you start your day is how you live your day, and how you live your day is the way you live your life.” ~ Louise L. Hay

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  1. This is a powerful message on how to start our days in a positive way without taking a lot of time.
    Louise Hay makes a good point on how this can make a difference in our lives.
    Thank you for sharing, Sara.

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