Most people would say YES to this question. 

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But the real question to ask is do you know what those are? This is when you borrow money based on the earnings you have coming in at a very high percentage rate. Basically you are using your future earnings as collateral to have money now. 

Usually people who take payday advances make decent money but they can’t stay afloat paying the bills. 

If you are anywhere near this common need, here are some financial tips: 

  1. It is always ok to live below your means and have less than you’d like as you work towards better things. 
  2. If you don’t have money to save and invest after your bills are paid, you are in a dangerous financial situation. Work to change this situation by riding the things you don’t need to get ahead financially. 
  3. I recommend you have a side gig that will allow you to create residual income. Many people invest time and money into studies outside working hours that will never leverage true freedom. Even if you are making a six figure paycheck, do you have freedom? Most $100K+ earners working a job would say no. 
  4. Money is important. People often say it does not create happiness but the fact is you need it. Ray Higdon says “money can create the freedom to express yourself however you want (charity, giving, education, experiences, etc.).”

I hope this helps you get clarity on finances in your life. If you are looking for a side gig solution, please send me your request for info or we can have a meeting. If you have a side gig solution, other people need you. Share what it is you have to leverage your ability to truly be free. 

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Much Success!

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