Last week we talked about 3 tips to creating a loyal team.

But that is not all… I have a gift for you: here are 4 more tips for you! I want to help you master this process! 

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Who is ready? Ok here are some more tips for you:

Care about your teammates’ success.

Loyal team members take the time to support each other. They step in when there is a problem or challenge that someone can’t solve on their own. Each person makes personal sacrifices to help others and gives candid guidance to help a teammate learn and grow. Start by taking an interest in your teammates’ success. Ask questions about their concerns and be a good listener.

Put the team’s agenda ahead of your own.

Loyal team members sacrifice resources and personal recognition to ensure the team can reach the most important goals. Everyone keeps her ego in check and focuses on a broader view of goals so the whole team can see how each part fits into the greater whole. Start by clarifying the shared goals with everyone on the team.

Push your teammates to do their best work and vice versa.

Loyal team members challenge each other to reach shared goals. No one wants to let a teammate down, so they work harder and try more. Loyalists don’t spend energy watching their own backs, so they can take risks and reach higher. Start by asking your teammates to challenge and push you to reach new heights.

Discuss the toughest issues facing the team.

Loyal team members engage in rigorous debate. They discuss the toughest business and team issues by voicing and debating conflicting opinions. Start by bringing up potentially divisive issues and explain what you are doing and why.

Give your teammates feedback, even when it’s hard.

Loyal team members give direct feedback to each other. Everyone agrees to tell each other the tough messages so that everyone can correct mistakes and improve their performance. Start by asking your teammates how you can improve.

Does this sound like the team you’re on? If not, why are you settling for anything less? If you work on a team—and nearly all of us do – why not start with these tips and create a loyal team?

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Much Success!

Have an outstanding day!! 



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