Personal Development – How to Overcome Fear

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As a coach I am often asked, “How do I overcome fear?” This is a really good question. What I have found when working with team members in my network marketing experience, is that finding what motivates you is what is going to be what gives you your wins. Let me see if I can […]

3 Most important Steps in Managing Your Team

Whether you are new to network marketing or are a seasoned builder, there are usually a few things most people could do better in building and managing their teams. Let me start with this question. Is the thought of managing a team keeping you from building one? Here are some excellent ideas, from one of […]

Time Block For Success and Mastery

Five months have passed since I chatting about putting in your 10,000 hours towards success. In case you missed it or need a refresher, on March 20, 2017 I blogged about Malcolm Gladwell’s idea about anyone can master anything in 10,000 hours. So the question at hand is what have you done towards your plan […]

Have A Solid Plan for Quick Success

No matter how long you have been in the direct sales, network marketing|MLM industry, let’s all take a second to remember what it was like when you first came in. What you want most is success! You were trying to: Figure out who all everyone is – upline, cross line, corporate staff, etc. You mentally […]

What to Measure for Business Success

Last week I asked if you were serious about your business and talked to you about setting SMART goals. This week I am going to talk to you about measuring.                               Let’s look at your business like a cake recipe. You […]

What To Say & How?

Finding the right words is not always easy. Every situation is different – and knowing what to say can be difficult. Or maybe you know what to say but are having a hard time deciding how to say it. That’s why so many people love the simplicity of a greeting card: It can help you […]

Don’t Over-react!

Wow! What does that mean? Well, truly a key to success in this business is to become emotionally resilient. Have a well-oiled back and let things run off of it! Take yourself out of the equation at every possible turn. Stop taking the decisions of other’s personally. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!!! We are all here […]

Successful Network Marketers Track Their Activity

Tracking Shows You What Works….and Doesn’t!! Do you know where you are going with your business? Do you know where you have been? Tracking is something that can truly assist you in achieving the million dollar business you are looking for. There is no better way to gauge where you are headed. Industry leader Tim […]

Wondering how to break the ice with friends?

Has this happened to you? You meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. She’s on your list to contact about your business, but you just haven’t made that contact yet. You want to break the ice, and you think she would be great, but you don’t want to approach her at […]

Putting Skin Into Your Game?

Have you made a commitment to your business? Really? What is your belief about your success in your Network Marketing Distributorship? Do you expect success without any effort? Your skin is your time, energy, intelligence. It is your currency.  Yes you paid a fee to become a Distributor or Executive or an Independent Entrepreneur, or […]