As I coach clients, one of the most common things I find is that people would like a cookie cutter recipe for following up but the fact is follow up needs to be much more flexible than this.Jigsaw-Cookie-Cutter

I could easily outline a plan for you that would say, after you talk to your potential buyer, always call two days later, or send a follow up email within 4 hours or make sure you schedule an in-person appointment within 2 day and then when you call you get voicemail! Now what?

The fact is follow up is going to be different for you than it is for me. It is based on several things.

  1. Who are you following up with?
  2. Have you built “know, like and trust” with this audience?
  3. Are you offering something they actually want?
  4. Do they have a need for it now?

Who Are You Following Up With?

When it comes to follow up, you must consider who you are following up with. Do you really know them? Would they know who you were if someone mentioned your name? If not, well then, you are most likely just another sales call for them.

Have you Built Know, Like & Trust?

I have a friend that helps other people follow up and she has shared with me just how much she can tell how people have truly built rapport with their list. When she calls and says, “This is so and so with company XYZ and I am calling for…” she can automatically tell if they know that person or their business by how their tone is and how they respond. The goal is to build know, like and trust so people take your calls. A secret to this is don’t just call when you need to follow – up. Call with good news too, thinking of you calls and just because touch bases.

Are You Offering Something They Really Want?

It is key to ask your potential buyer to buy but it is another to take it away if they don’t really want it. Normally when you use a takeaway statement, they will say, “No, I really do want this!” or “You are right, I don’t really want it”. That is all we do, search for yes and no in life for the products and services we represent.

Do They Have a Need For It Now?

I often find that NO means not now. I am always surprised when I look at my statistics (we will look at this next week) at how many no’s have turned to yes with time and patience. My friend Michele (Reynolds -VA Successtroops) always says, “Don’t make your agenda their timeline.” Such a great thing to remember.


The best advice I can give you for when to do the next step in your follow up process is to ask your potential buyer what they’d like the next step to be. Then if you say you will call, email, see them, etc., make sure you do it.

Much Success!

Have an outstanding day!!