3 Ways To Review Your Year – Part I

In December of every year, I recommend that you schedule some quiet time to review how the year went. There are a few thoughts on how you can do this. What is most important in this process is to review why it is important to look back at how you spent your time and what […]

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business During The Holidays

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The 2017 holidays are upon us. We are days from Hanukkah. Christmas and New Year’s will be here before we know it. holiday, season’s greetings, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year Most network marketers pull back and put their business on hold during this time of the year. When the new year is here, they are ramping […]

Leave A Voicemail or Not Leave A Voicemail?

With technology changing, it is a good question to ask in today’s world. Do I leave a voicemail or not leave a voicemail? As I think of my phone, I’ll be honest, I prefer voicemail over any other form of being reached. Call me old school but I like to hear the inflection and tone […]