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Have you ever said you want a specific result but then didn’t take consistent daily action necessary to achieve it?  Most people answer yes. What prevents a seemingly motivated person from making progress toward their goal? Most people are dabblers who pretend to be committed.  Dabblers are in the game, but are not in the […]

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Measuring Your Network Marketing Results: How was Q1 2018? 

It is Q1 and time flies when you are having fun! So can productivity and results if you are not measuring them.  What did you do in Q1 of 2018? In my experience as a network marketing leader, when you ask people what they did in their business last week or three weeks ago or […]

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Set Your Goals for 1st Quarter 2018

It is a new beginning. Have you set your goals? You have a new year in front of you, ok, well most of it. As we are days into the year, I am wondering if you have thought about your 1st quarter goals yet? When asked to goal set, most people can rattle off their […]

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